We are passionate about people and food, and want to restore your relationship with your body, and with food by giving you practical step by step advice and continued support

What we do


Virtual Nutrition coaching
Individual consultations


Group seminars & Workshops
Interactive presentations
Cooking classes

Intuitive eating

We provides nutrition coaching to those who want to escape diet culture & gain confidence in food choices to be physically & emotionally healed.

We work with a non-diet approach. To help you heal your relationship with your body and food.



Our Values

We value people, food and personal preference. We believe that God made food to be enjoyed and to nourish the body. It is very important to find that balance.

About me

Susan Conradie is a Registered Dietitian. She obtained her degree in Bsc Dietetics from North-West University. She is registered with the HPCSA and a member of the Association for Dietetics SA (ADSA).

Susan has worked in the public sector as a clinical Dietitian and gained experience in various disease categories. She believes that each individual needs a holistic and personalised approach. She also loves to work with groups giving presentations and workshops.

Our Vision

To empower communities and individuals with the knowledge to live long, fulfilling, and healthy lives.

Our Mission

To improve the nutritional knowledge of communities and individuals & establish a healthy lifestyle through coaching, seminars & workshops.

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